Our Goal

  • To support coaches and their communities throughout the coaching life cycle (recruiting, training, performing, transition) with general and sport specific training as well as leadership/management training.
  • To create awareness about sports & fitness amongst the community and all age groups.
  • To design and introduce innovative, integrated, inter-disciplinary curriculum in various sports and games.
  • To closely collaborate and coordinate with the State and National bodies in Physical Education and Sports, inmatters of common interest and concern.
  • To provide students with the required skills, support systems, and information they need to succeed in the sports & fitness industry and physical education industry.
  • To conduct high quality events in sports and education field for the benefit and growth of the sports community.
  • To promote the participation of underprivileged and rural youth, especially girls, in sport and physical activity, targeting remote and rural areas.
  • To conduct sports & health introduction related camps in various parts of the country.


Our vision is to sincerely work towards maintaining high standards in developing, preparing and nurturing sports professionals to reach national standards of competency.

Why Choose Unicorn Sports Institute?

  • USI is committed to impart quality in the field of sports education and training;
  • Our courses are designed in partnership with government bodies and sports associations;
  • Encourages engagement in practical work experience in India and overseas;
  • We offer some of the best opportunities for you to gain employment in the sports and physical education industry;
  • We have the best educators and trainers with enormous work and practical field experience;
  • We offer you the best combination of learning and practical experience, providing you with well-rounded qualifications for better prospects;
  • We offer you best services in sports tours and students exchange programmes;